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Dreadful© RogeRweb.cat is a website free of cookies. This website doesn't use any kind of cookies, neither its own ones nor from third parties. The author doesn't make any kind of following of visits, either compile any kind of data from the visitors.


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Dreadful© RogeRweb.cat is a personal website without commercial purposes but with copyright. It's not allowed the total or partial reproduction of the contents without the express permission of the author, with whom you can contact below. All the contents of the website are work of Roger Silva i Vilalta - Dreadful. Made in Barcelona, Catalonia - Europe. All rights reserved.


If you want to contact me, you can do it through the social networks and tools that you'll find at the following link:

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I don't accept unknown or new "friends" in Facebook and I don't follow everybody who follows me.

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